School Library Award

What is the SLS-UK School Library Award?
The SLS-UK School Library Award was initiated by Warwickshire Schools Library Service in 2012. It is now available nationally, via ASCEL, administered locally by individual School Library Services.  We are delighted that the School Library Association (SLA) the School Library Group (SLG) and Libraries Connected have endorsed the new Award.  Any primary or secondary school may apply to work towards achieving the main award or the Gold version for high-achieving services.

Aims of the Award

  • To accredit school libraries through a straightforward and cost-effective self-assessment process that is robust and equitable across the UK
  • To recognise the work of library staff especially in designated library posts
  • To highlight the work of school libraries and their staff in raising the educational achievement of children and young people
  • To raise awareness of good school library provision in school communities and the profession locally and nationally.

How does the Process Work?
School Library Services (SLSs) will administer the Award at a local level to the schools they serve, making the process as time-efficient and cost-effective as possible while still offering a robust scheme to reward good work going on in school libraries across the UK to raise literacy levels and educational achievement and to promote a love of reading.

Following a self-assessment process, the awarding SLS gives certificates acknowledging the main award, or, in the case of high-achieving schools, the Gold SLS-UK School Library Award.

Schools who have already achieved the SLS-UK School Library Award

What is the Charge?
Schools pay a fee to their awarding SLS for administration of the award and certificate

  • £50 for schools who subscribe to an  SLS
  • £60 for non-subscribing schools who are members of the SLA
  • £70 for all other schools.

How do Schools Apply?
Schools wanting to know more should consult their SLS in the first instance.  For schools who don’t have a local SLS but would like to apply to do the award, please complete the form below.


School Library Award Leaflet